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In today’s business landscape, it is a strategic imperative for organisations to have a tangible social, environmental and mental health impact. Driving real-world impact is a sustainable source of doing better business – by not only doing the right things, but by doing them right.

Measure Your Impact

Make Meaningful Change

Depending on the breadth and depth of your impact needs, Thinkless Impact Advisory services evaluate your impact via data-driven Health Checks, Reviews or Audits that measure real-world impact on value chains, climate and sustainability, reconciliation, disability, inclusion and psychosocial risks, as well as other social, environmental and mental health impact areas where businesses can take their fair share of responsibility. We then formulate detailed assessments, reports supported by the review findings and outline specific action plans such as Reconciliation Action Plans (RAP), Sustainability Plans or Psychosocial Hazards Management Plans to guide you on immediate actions, expected outcomes and future steps to ensure significant and measurable social, environmental and mental health impacts.

The demand for organisations to conduct their operations ethically and sustainably is stronger than ever. While you might believe your company is meeting these expectations, the truth is, you may be falling short.

The first step to improving your social, environmental and mental health impact is a comprehensive health check. Thinkless Health Checks assess your business’s impact on social, environmental and mental health, evaluating your impact initiatives and goals, identifying gaps and detecting hidden risks.

We assess your organisation’s environmental sustainability, reconciliation efforts, value chains, workplace inclusivity and psychosocial risk management, providing you with a foundational understanding of what initiatives are in place and where your impact initiatives are making a material and meaningful difference.

Nowadays customers, employees and shareholders demand that organisations operate in ethical and sustainable ways. While you may think you’re hitting the mark, to stay competitive and profitable long term, you need to constantly review your social, environmental and mental health impact strategies and initiatives.

Our comprehensive reviews provide a deeper insight into your impact in society, with people and for the planet. Our distinctive Impact Advisory services include thorough reviews of your current initiatives, assessing the strengths and weaknesses of internal factors, as well as the opportunities and threats related to external influences such as competitors, consumers, market trends and supply chains.

Our data-driven and evidence-based reviews identify what you do well, what you need to build on, while providing recommendations to mitigate risks while leveraging new opportunities for an unfair competitive advantage. With a Thinkless Impact Review, you can gain insight into your social, environmental and mental health impact, so you can make the right decisions and take the right actions.

Thinkless Impact Audits involve detailed evaluations of your social, environmental and mental health initiatives, providing you with evidence-based protection, assurance and compliance.

Critical for organisations answering to industry authorities or requiring compliance, Thinkless Audits offer data-driven, evidence-based and fact-fuelled snapshots of your impact across key areas, such as labour practices, human rights, community engagement, environmental sustainability and corporate governance. Our Impact Audit certifies whether you are operating responsibly and ethically and aligning your practices with your stated values and commitments.

Environmental Impact

Foster sustainable practices for a healthier planet

Our Impact Advisory model doesn’t support greenwashing. We advocate for and facilitate authentic, impactful environmental initiatives that drive real-world change. It’s not just about compliance; it’s about leading the charge in environmental conservation. 

Misleading information around environmental issues not only impedes collective environmental initiatives, but seriously damages your trust with consumers and investors. That’s why we encourage businesses to weave environmental sustainability into their core operations. 

Whether it’s reducing carbon emissions, investing in renewable energy sources, or adopting more sustainable supply chains – it’s not just about making a statement, it’s about making meaningful and measurable environmental impact.

Embracing environmental stewardship not only benefits the planet, but enhances brand reputation, builds customer loyalty and can lead to operational efficiencies, financial advantages and new market opportunities. 

Social Impact​

Make meaningful change in the community

At Thinkless, we see social impact as an integral part of a company’s identity. We don’t believe in social washing or superficial virtue signalling; we believe in authenticity and integrity. Today it’s not enough to have good intentions, you need strategic vision You need to adopt meaningful social initiatives with clear, measurable goals, to create authentic and lasting change.

Fair labour practices, fostering diversity and inclusion and actively engaging with local communities – it’s all about embedding social responsibility into the fabric of your business operations and contributing positively to the world around you.

By embracing authentic social responsibility you can enhance brand reputation and loyalty, build trust with stakeholders, improve employee engagement, boost financial performance and drive continuous improvement.


Mental Health Impact

Enhance workplace wellbeing and productivity

Mental health presents a significant challenge in Australia. Yet, mental health is viewed by most organisations as a problem to fix, rather than being an asset to actively nurture. Thinkless Advisory challenges businesses to bring mental health to the forefront of their operating models.  

A mentally healthy workforce isn’t just about workplace compliance; it’s about a healthy culture that not only measures the psychosocial hazards like stress, bullying and harassment, but in turn reduces absenteeism, employee churn and workers compensation risks from ever-increasing regulation. While workplace mental health initiatives are becoming more prevalent due to workplace compliance, many organisations are falling short when it comes to measuring their material impact, or creating mental health outreach initiatives to make a greater, more meaningful impact in the community.

Our Impact Advisory services work with you to shift your mental health initiatives from operational compliance to a core part of your ESG strategy. We develop and implement initiatives and community outreach programs which not only demonstrate a genuine commitment to employee wellbeing, but also the wellbeing of your local community. By implementing corresponding reporting methods and metrics, we can measure your mental health impact both in the workplace and the broader community, so you can make a meaningful impact on real people and communities.

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